FAQ & Testimonials


Q: Is X review serious?
A: Maybe.

Q: Why did you say mean things about my music?
A: If they were mean and constructive, then I meant them and wanted to help.  If they were mean and pointless, then I was probably kidding.  Don’t mind me.


“Thanks for the “review”. Was there any reason that you decided to make up a (well-written) story about me as opposed to reviewing the EP? Not upset, just wondering what made you decide to go in that direction.
Thanks for the weird story though.”

“Oh alright then”

“Thanks so much for your words! I never imagined it would invoke a sense of Druid music, very cool.”

“You clearly prejudged this kid in his email by his age and access to technology and then went back on your word to say you actually kind of liked the album anyways? What was the point of me even reading this review to end it with you not even making up your mind or spending a proper amount of time to accurately judge this album. I might as well just listen to it myself. If you’re not going to take the time to make a fully developed opinion then you are disservicing your entire fan base with a faulty review. This was honestly the most half assed review I’ve probably ever read and was clearly just written for shock value and not actual merit.”


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