Ocean Floor Funeral by Tacachale Chamber Orchestra

By: Derek Spencer

I opened up a random album submission because I thought it would be funny to listen to a whole album and think all kinds of critical thoughts about it but then instead of writing them down just say something stupid like “hey yo fuck this band” and call it a review. It’s like how people say there is beauty in destruction except what I’m destroying here is the potential for genuine exchange of ideas.

But then I started listening and I’m kinda vibing/digging the album which, unfortunately, I can’t often say with a genuine straight face about a lot of the submissions I get. I’ll have to save my “hey yo fuck this band” post for a different band because I just wanna say Ocean Floor Funeral by Tacachale Chamber Orchestra is pretty dope and you heard it here first even if their band name is kinda dumb.

What do I like about it? I don’t know, fucking everything. Tight ass production, lyrics I can project my own insecurities on, consistent and interesting tonal palettes, evocotive compositional choices. You killin it, Tacachale Chamber Orchestra. Please keep tearing up Gainsville and Bandcamp. I don’t care that you only have 80 facebook followers, you’re a viral sensation in my heart.


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