VIDEO REVIEW: Tony Alone ruins Grand Pantrymen Battle of the Boroughs

By: Derek Spencer

The success of reality TV depends on the existence of a certain human desire, unreachable by staged theatricality. Grit; human connection; awkwardness and imperfection; genuine call and response: the drama we sometimes seek can only be created in the midst of the utterly anti-theatrical. One need only look at contemporary Nielsen Ratings to understand the weight of these universally niche desires.

Enter Tony Alone: drummer for the Grand Pantrymen, fledgling pop singer, and Bronx stereotype. Watch him mindlessly trudge his way through the first song of this high-profile set. Watch him light up as a stroke of ingenuity fills his mind. Watch him rise from his throne, banish his bandmates, and assume sole control of the stage. Watch him generate genuine unscripted human drama. Watch him impart metaphorical knowledge  unto a dogmatically slumbering audience. Watch him in awe.

Wow. Tony Alone is a brave artist, unflinching in the face of enlightened performance. In no way engaging in an amateur, faux-anti-authoritarian, pre-meditated,hostilely uncomfortable, ironic-in-all-the-wrong-ways stunt, Mr. Alone manages to grip the audience with a daring feat of improvisational art-making.

Tony Alone: vanquisher the Grant Pantrymen, flawless entrepreneur of experiential art, and, in my mind, winner of the Battle of the Boroughs. Thank you.


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