Ceaseless Fun- Anonymous, Public Access Art

Dear Reader,

As much as I love reviewing your music, there are times when I must turn my attention to other pursuits. There are itches that even the finest of local teenage musicians cannot scratch, ways in which your melodies cannot touch me.

Over the last year, I’ve developed a lit-zine called Ceaseless Fun.  Our plan is to make it free for all and to distribute it randomly and without accreditation. It features fiction & photography aimed at capturing the urban experience, perversions of masculinity, and listlessness in the haze of capitalism.

If you have been reviewed by this blog, hope to be reviewed by this blog, or have simply enjoyed reading this blog, then you have benefited from my free labor.  I do this because I enjoy it and do not expect payment– I ask only that you consider helping out with a small donation so that this work can reach more people. 100% of the proceeds will go to making additional copies, so more money just means more art for more people– it’s that simple.

Take a second and check out the Ceaseless Fun crowdfunder— we have both serious and non-serious perks that you may enjoy perusing, along with a ultra-serious video featuring my sound editing and cinematographic talents.

If nothing else, thanks for reading.


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