Various Releases by Popes

By: Derek Spencer

The album submitted to me by Popes was no longer available on Bandcamp. Instead of contacting the artist to ask for a new link, I just perused his prolific set of releases.

The Departure of Erich Rein by Popes (or possibly Beun?) is an infuriating release consisting of midi tracks played over boat noises.  The track titles are silly nautical names like “Pirate Encounter” and “Rostock as Seen from the Baltic Sea”.  The ocean sounds are strangely panned, as if the ocean is some small, sound-making tube that can be easily relocated and heard from different angles, or as if the listener is supposed to be rapidly spinning while standing near a beach.  Half-way through the album, a woman starts speaking German into a supermarket loudspeaker and doesn’t stop.  This is either a pretentious joke or a rejected Museum of Contemporary art installation.

“Yung-Marc Dreams” is a stand-alone hip-hop track.  It does that thing that art school undergrads do that makes their music unlistenable.  The humor here, as opposed to Erich Rein, is at least evident and purposive, if not predictably unfunny.

“@MikeWetPuss” is another single, and is by far the most listenable thing I’ve uncovered by Popes so far, if only because hearing the same Neutral Milk Hotel clip sampled at a various speeds appeals to some sad/morbid hipster curiosity.

The Staar Hero EP features a faint Death Grips sample and a dick joke in it’s bandcamp album description, proving once and for all that Popes is a 19-year-old majoring in audio engineering. There aren’t that many ways to make fun of “experimental/ironic” art school projects, so I guess I’ll just stop listening.

artists don’t deserve respect///friends don’t let straight white friends play instruments///kill all artists


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