The Racoons EP by The Racoons

By: leli albert

i always appreciate a good whistle solo. the raccoons’ EP’s first track has a double whistle solo! did they just overlay one whistler twice in the studio, or do they have multiple talented whistles in the band?

even if it’s the former, i might give them the latter, because their vocal harmonies are spot on in general. as they jump into little a capella sections towards the end of a track, the harmony hits you right in the cute zone. in fact everything about this EP is cute, way cute, too cute! from the piano chops to the maraca shakers behind the rhythm to the aforementioned a capella section right at the end, right where you would expect it to be. track 1 walks a fine line between summer romantic comedy title sequence background music and supermarket muzak, which is funny because that first song’s refrain is some inane phrase about being cute. does this make it self-referentially ironic? do we care? actually i don’t think it’s ironic. the raccoons are just that sincere!

the second song is a slow piano number. could be from rent. singer’s got a nice falsetto but seriously this song, which is on some seriously stereotypical love ballad shit, “if i was a painter / and i lost my sense of sight / would i keep on working / through those wintery nights”, is trying way too hard to make me feel. i’ll feel what i wanna feel!

and then the maracas come back. if they played this as supermarket musak they’d have to put a disclaimer first, for the benefit of those oversensitive to treacly gooey pop-rock (i mean i wish supermarkets would do that…) or if this is still a summer romantic comedy, this is the wedding scene. i’m leaning towards supermarket tho. by the time track 4 comes around i’ve completely lost interest. how many times can you croon “why don’t we just get along” before you realize that it’s just not gonna happen? welcome to planet earth.


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