ALBUM REVIEW: The Infinite Fire by The Frame

By: Leli Albert

the opening track of The Infinite Fire has a nice cinematic feel to it
like scrolling your smartphone’s camera gallery while eating jelly donuts
that is to say
not quite too sweet, not quite too nostalgic, gone before you know it

but suddenly the first full length track (hazy today) slides in, with a bunch of yelling and gooey mushy vocals
like a jelly donut smothered in pineapple
“it’s like, the mall” says this intrepid reviewer’s younger sister.
maybe it’s just the neil youngy piano on repeat
and guitar riffs resurrected from the semisonic / incubus cutting floor
but somehow scratching my ears out with my own toenails just seems too good for this track. check out 5:52 for a surprise super high pitched yell! on second thought i’ll just use the toenails.

an existential crisis:
maybe hating shlocky cheesy 80s/90s throwback poprock anthems that sound like every bad radio station i’ve ever scanned past is a rare condition?
maybe the average human would love this?
it’s certainly polished as shit!! the sound/recording quality is excellent.
my friend used to say “you can’t polish a turd”
but who decides turditude? and wouldn’t you want a shiny, smooth well-made turd over a regular old chunky one?

these guitar solos are blistering, for some definition of blistering circa a million years ago. it’s like the members of black sabbath all swore off their evil ways and joined the latter day saints, went door to door for a few years, then released a mormon comeback album. come back to jesus! almost every song fades out to the sounds of a slow guitar solo and the lead singer crooning the track’s title, often multiple times. at this point my existential crisis is over. this album would be boring 25 years ago, but if that’s what you’re into then give The Infinite Fire a listen.


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