ALBUM REVIEW: Words in the Dark by Rebecca L. Mimiaga

By: Derek Spencer

Worship music for druids.  Not Druid Worship Music.  Not music made by druids.  Not music that druids might use to worship, but Christian worship music pertaining to druidish concepts.  Mountains.  Storms.  Trees. California.  Not bad worship music.  The worship music that this sounds like is not bad worship music, on the good side of worship music.  Bridges where piano melodies mirror vocal the chorus vocal melody.  Unplayed strings.  Quaint.

Love songs.  Soundtrack to the original shrek.  Fairy tale.  Fantasy.  Fixation on the location of feet. Disney. “I want to lay down and die”—- unexpected.  A complete 180, even. “Reach inside and change me.”  There is possibly more to song than one might expect.  Or there is not.

“Why is everyone so quiet?”


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