ALBUM REVIEW: The Moon Colony EP by Moon Colony

By Connor Skeen

Editors notes in red bc y not

            Emerging from the unfound oceans of the moon, like a heartbroken alien addict gasping for his next snort of moon dust is “The Moon Colony EP” by Moon Colony. Moon Colony is the work of Pittsburg  Pittsburgh Moon native Matt Stout, a painfully sincere voice in electronic rock. The penetrating moon synths that kick off this EP establish his arrival as a powerful musical entity. For the next 15 moon minutes, the listener is attacked and beaten repeatedly (what if you said this in a different way), then nursed back to health by the warm voice of his/her (good v. inclusive. Too bad the gender binary is a construct etc) own assailant. Matt’s constant switch between melodic tenderness and harsh, unrelenting periods of instrumentation provoke feelings of both hope and irritated anger (“dont provoke me or ill get irritatingly angry at u”- one person on the internet, while reviewing another person on the internet’s music, in an unrelated, albeit similar, scenario). It is clear that this EP is exploring something within its creator (stop making this about the RFRA). Matt seems to be testing his own musical boundaries of weirdness, but already he knows just when to take his foot of off moon the spaceship gas pedal and bring us back to his unwaveringly beautiful reality. One does not need Matt’s lyrics to know what he’s talking about (oh). His voice is expressive and his message mooon of perseverance in Ttimes of Mmelancholy is written across each shimmer of his cymbals. This EP ebbs, flows, and, most of all, rocks. At the end of this short, yet galactic release, Moon Colony asks, “Is it better now?” Yes Matt. If it wasn’t before this EP, it sure is now.

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