ALBUM REVIEW: Mutiny I by Pompeius

By: Derek Spencer

Pompeius, named after the… singular masculine form of the ancient Roman name Pompeia(?), indicates on his bandcamp that listeners ought to, “_Drift away with me on a voyage to nowhere_”.  His 2015 release is titled “Mutiny I”. The album description warns readers that they are in for, “four water-logged songs chronicling a mutiny” and is accompanied by album art depicting a nondescript bay filled with high middle age ships.  Forgetting, for a moment, the water noises interspersed throughout the first track and signalling the end of the fourth and final track, the music impresses no nautical themes upon the listener, instead relying primarily on a palette of sounds common to the downtempo & chill house genres.

Despite the aesthetic contradictions of his bandcamp page, Pompeius manages to pull off a clean, tightly produced collection of songs.  What the tracks lack in literary ingenuity, they account for in well-planned compartmentalized EQ and punchy low-end beats.  Synths and noise-stabs pop into existence and dissipate, punctuating rhythmically familiar compositions.  Forsaken Overgrown is clearly the standout track, reworking itself several times over throughout the near-8-minute run time.  The opener Doldrums should also not be overlooked, if only for it’s sly incorporation of string bass samples.


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