ALBUM REVIEW: The Ruined by N.Moss

In 2013, N.Moss made The Ruined.

I fucks with:
РSome of the guitar tones, specifically on Bongripper.  Actually just the whole Bongripper cover in general.
– The pictures of maggots in the background & the spooky word art on the album cover
– Your comprehensive list of studio equipment used
Р(Angrophobia is pretty dope too, until the transition about 3:30 in.  I was really into the mix he had going with the bass and acoustic leads- the swell was nice and I wanted to see where it went.)
– Some of the interesting or unexpected progressions

I could have done without the:
– Sound bites of movie lines
– Stock rain & gunfire sound effects
– Black Sabbath cover with no vocals
– Implication that I should be paying for these recordings
– Majority of the guitar harmonies
– Thrash and metalcore tropes like playing a riff, playing the same riff in a different octave, and then playing that same riff palm muted


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