MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: No Paddle by The Picassos

By: Soren Royer-McHugh

A cynic might approach The Picassos “No Paddle,” their first song/video/etc, as an average, updated surf rock song with a silly video.

“Chill, straw-man cynic,” I’d say, “There’s a lyric about taking a shot, they taped a camera to his mouth, and he scoops the butter with his hands. His hands.

The Picassos understand whats fun about “I don’t give a fuck” laid-back surf rock. The music captures all of the jam and lackadaisical aesthetic in a clean package. The singer has a great voice for the material, a slurred cadence and opiate-induced devil-may-care attitude. He’s clearly having fun. The music switches between the verses and chorus purposefully. The slow-dance bridge and finale rush shows off the song’s dynamics.

The video’s DIY quality is fitting, and they fill it with curious little antics that make it entirely worth watching. POV one-take video turns out to be much more thought out than it seems at first glance.

Distilling all the work it takes to make a well paced song into a fun innocuous package; this is the experience in a nutshell.

“I don’t give a fuck” is clearly, “I do give a fuck.” That makes me give a fuck too.


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