ALBUM REVIEW: Incrdibly Kind Toward Animals by Miroki

Nostalgia for early 2000’s pop-punk pairs off with contemporary indie-pop in Miroki’s 2015 debut EP, Incredibly Kind Toward Animals.  Fueled by Adam Hutnik & John McGuire (of Westbrook Drive fame), Miroki is an effective refocusing of previous musical efforts, drawing on a deeper well of lyrical motifs and a disinclination toward hook-driven songwriting.

McGuire & Hutnik are at their best vocally when singing in harmony or octave,  demonstrated on the EP’s final track, Benny.   At times, Miroki can veer into lethargic, nasal-heavy delivery, in no small way reminiscent of Mark Hoppus and Billie Joe Armstrong.  Still, the cleanly toned guitars and minimal use of power chords save this similarity from being outright reference.

Centered around themes of anxiety and self-criticism, the lyrical content manages to exude accessibility and originality.  While by no means Pulitzer-worthy, Miroki manages to avoid the cringe-worth cliches that frequently degrade the genre.

With this premire release hot off the press, plan on seeing Miroki hitting the Chicagoland scene this year.


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