By: Derek Spencer

nanci is a weird name for a one-man-band given that the person’s name is Trey i kind of thought given the stylized nature of the email i received titled “N A N C I\\\\ 4 review” that this would actually be a house dj or something but i was wrong its a dude in a room with a guitar oh okay now im listening to the music and get why his name is weird its because the music is weird to i guess its not that weird its very soul-rock but like maybe if a character from disney was the singer im not saying thats a bad thing or that i cant take the music seriously just like i dont get the vocals on the first track here what is he saying im pretty sure he just said “my pores purr and sweat” i want pores that sweat is he a surrealist or did maybe try to say that his pores pour or perhaps poor pores? unclear but at any rate i feel bad for any regular old guy who feels that one word is insufficient to describe the activity of his pores oh well so heres another lyric¬†“I’m as poor as an artist” wow hits me right in the caged heart i feel at once like this song is about a sad man who just wants to make art but has to eat pnj all day but also i feel like its about me and my personal struggles do i have to choose one lol idk but i think if i did i would not be able to OH i like the second song better he sounds better in a lower register and he doubled the vocals it kind of sounds like hes been listening to too much portugal the man but thats okay theyre an alright band and anyways who am i to judge all music is derivative at this point anyways so making statements like that is pretty much a pretentious but useless thing to say i shouldnt do that i really shouldnt do that sorry readers sorry mom anyways wow these songs are short like itle bitty bb songs okay the next song ishere and i’m thinking “okay that makes sense, sure okay yeah, this song, yeah i get it” and i do really think i mean that i mean it makes sense that N A N C I doesnt wanna be my girl anymore OH WAIT maybe N A N C I is a character being played by trey idk food for thought if a concept is unleashed in demo form but the artist doesnt describe it as a concept album is it still a concept album???? food4thought food4thought food4thought speaking of foods and brains my mom posted a study today about health benefits of wine food4thought food4thought food4thought

Rating: good

Stray observations: do you ever get really depressed when you realize that no one has swiped right on you on tinder for days and youve swiped right on like a million girls and maybe you just arent the type of guy who gets to have a lot of sex in your life maybe you need to reevaluate your goals and stop getting so worked up about internet dating haha i mean idk if this is how i feel but it might be how someone feels.? idk idk food4thought i like  tinder i swipe so much my thumb is gone


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